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:''This article is about the dance music producer. For the album by The Wildhearts, see P.H.U.Q..'' '''Phuq''' is an English producer of wonky (music)|wonky - an experimental blend of breakcore, gabber, intelligent dance music|IDM and various other styles of electronic music. Born in 1983 in Essex, England, he is currently based in London. Phuq started to produce improvised industrial music and noise music under the moniker Destroy All Girls (and various anagrams of this name) in around 1995. From 2000–2004, he produced more melodic/traditionally structured, experimental electronic music (amongst many other pseudonyms) as Kesaraporn Duangsawan. In 2004, he started producing harder, more breakcore/squat party-influenced tracks under the name Phuq and has also occasionally collaborated with lo-fi musician and audio-visual artist Shortfacedbear, as Meme. Phuq has founded several independent...
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